I find it a very interesting concept

All my life I had been told to avoid wood chips in the garden due to them sucking up the nitrogen. But in this movie they talk about using wood chips as mulch and it being super beneficial.
I’ve got to leave to go pick up dh soon and will have to finish the video later, but I have some questions for you.

1. If I understand the video right you start out basically like I normally garden with some basic soil, compost etc, basically my lasagna gardening practice. Then you top dress it with wood mulch. Is that correct?
2. As time goes on you add more layers of wood mulch and maybe compost but not much else?
3. This does away with the constant need to water, is this correct?
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5. How long have you been doing this system?
6. Oh do the wood chips need to be from green trees? We have hundreds of dead ones we’ve got to dispose of and we have a chipper—it’s a small slow one but….
7. Because of adding the wood chips the garden won’t erode down like I am having the problem with?
8. Are there any good books you can recommend on this?