I got an odd email this morning

from FedEx, saying they had tried to deliver a package but the driver hadn’t been able to do so. So please click on this link to get the claim info. I remembered someone on this list saying that this had been a recent scam going around, so no I didn’t click on it. Besides, the FedEx folks have never had trouble delivering here before. So I just wanted to send out a quickie thanks to whoever posted that warning, within the last few weeks. I might not have recognized it as a scam spam if I hadn’t read it here first. Always vigilant…….

That is so cool!

HOORAY!Winter is slowly winding down and I feel spring will be good for you all. Hang in there you are doing great! I agree pressure canned beans are wonderful. Jan who cooked a massive pot of pinto beans earlier this week and will pressure can the leftovers for the future this weekend in OK