This is actually how I got started in software design

Went to work in Customer Service on the phones for a company that built mortgage lending software, since I had some familiarity with the mortgage lending industry. Then got more and more into the how’s and why’s of the software design aspect of that job, and before long I was helping the developers build custom applications for our major accounts. Then I started doing my own code work, all within a span of about 3 years. I worked as a software developer for that company for the next 9 years, until I was laid off at the start of 2011 because the product I’d gotten to know so well was sunsetted (retired). If I had wanted to stay current with the coding (ie get certified in another programming language), I could have stayed on or gotten hired on by another software development firm. But by then the farm was up and running enough that I stayed here. But that entire sequence of employment with that one company, 12 years running, started on the phones in Customer Service. Crappy pay, some tough working conditions, but a VERY good stepping-stone for folks wanting to move laterally within any given company.Glad to be farming but who made more $$$ as a software designer