If all else fails, and it won’t—just got a good feeling

do customer service work for a call center. Here in Tulsa they start at $12.50 an hour, they train you and pay you while your training. It is not the world’s best job as ds will testify after doing it for 15 years, but it will be better than zero income and they come with benefit packages. He use to hire in for inbound calling only. Places to look at are satellite tv places (directv, dishnetwork etc) credit card companies—then we can all holler at you (just kidding—don’t be a bottom feeder) , cell phone companies. Perhaps they’d hire you into their it departments. It would definitely be a major TEMPORARY step down for you, but it would at least help you make the mortgage payment.They hire everyone with the idea in mind that as soon as a person finds a better job they will leave them, so over qualification is not a problem. Just get your iron britches on because some of the people who call in aren’t very nice. Jan who feels almost certain that you will have a new job by the Feb in OK

I got laid off

from my IT job. Never thought I would be without a job for THIS long… 🙁 I’ve even applied to hourly jobs like Target, CVS, Toys R Us, Sears,and KMart…I don’t have contact info for the gentlemen I talked to, but I just sent a note to the HR co-ordinator.