I’m on the fence about gardening

I’ve been researching Square Foot Gardening. I am using an old chest of drawers (minus the drawers) for the main garden.. and I have 4 drawers from it that I can grow in too, maybe? I am thinking about worm composting. I have started composting for the first time in my life.. I have almost unlimited supply of rabbit poop and I’ve read that it’s great for gardens and worms too!
I won’t be able to 100% do it by the book.
On the other hand, I was looking into joining a CSA this year and I found one that you can actually order *just* the vegetables you want to buy, instead of a share. I am very very interested in that (tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes)
I don’t have experience with a “crop”, so I don’t want to spend hundreds on Special Mix. I have poo, I have dirt, I have worms. All I need is some elbow grease and some seeds! I’ll save my money for to support local farmers, but I’m curious to see if I can raise food from seed, too!

Ashley in (tomato country) TN

PS, Shay, the only thing I managed to harvest 2 years ago (skipped last year) was cucumbers!! I figured they were fool-proof!