We decided not to do a garden this year

I had hoped for a large yield of strawberries, tomatoes, and cucumbers so that we wouldn’t have to buy these and I could make strawberry jam and freeze whole ones for smoothies. In addition we tried growing cantaloupe and watermelon, DH’s favorites. Not only did we not get fruit, but we didn’t even get plants. The critters chewed them up before they even had a chance. We even tried growing them in pots and transplanting them later when they got bigger, but still got eaten. The frustrating part is we have these elaborate cages over the garden and still everything got eaten by squirrels, rabbits, birds, grasshoppers? It’s an organic garden so we couldn’t spray anything.

I think we got 10 strawberries off our plants which were just eaten while the kids were weeding! Got lots of cherry tomatoes, but it seemed like a lot of work for a bunch of tomatoes. Never got a cucumber. They kept flowering and then no cucumber! We even tried pollinating them with a paint brush!

So, I give up. I’ll be buying all my produce at the Farmer’s market this year.