We have the same issue with our business

I can’t just pay bills as they come in becauseI have to make sure I have enough cash for payroll and rent. So usually I use the highlight feature in excel, and I mark which large items in the next week or two need to be paid. Once those critical bills are covered, then I go back and pay an bills due with the extra money that comes in.

I sat down and did my weekly budget

I am getting ready to do my menu and grocery list. I already paid most of the monthly bills. I started a change fund for our Disney food bill. I thought it would build excitement for the kiddos. I am eyeing two super cheap clearance tents. I really want a nice set of camping stuff this year. Our tent died last year and I have been eyeing new stuff for two years. So, that maybe our Valentine’s gift to each other. Nothing says romance like sleeping under the stars.