Our fencing is already up and it good repair, so that’s not a consideration for us this year

If we mulch properly the watering shouldn’t be too big a concern unless we have yet another summer of heavy drought. I do need to work on rabbit proofing more, so hardware cloth is an item that I had not added to my list, thanks for the reminder. I have most of my seeds from previous purchases, but I need to start my germination testing right away—as in today.
Unfortunately there are no really large produce producers in this area so I don’t have the options you do on that. Wish I did. Even the produce place in Bixby we normally purchase from has gotten sky high and they aren’t organic. We much prefer organically grown food.
I do know I will limit the amount of plantings I will do this year to those items we are very low on and will truly eat. It’s so easy for me to want to plant some of everything. Especially when I’m cruising the Baker’s Heirloom Seed catalog—Lordy their pictures are to die for!
I hadn’t considered the “bird food’ aspect of it yet either and good grief Frankie goose would NEVER forgive me if I didn’t grow at least some tomatoes—that goose is a tomato addict and will take you down for a ripe tomato!
I’m leaning toward doing a full garden and just biting the bullet on the cost of the compost and such I need this year. It’s been three years since we’ve put any cost into the garden and we could did soil from the woods, just as soon as dh fixes the flat on the wheel barrel. LOL!
That soil is heavy with leaf mulch already.
Decisions, decisions.